Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke is a brain attack, and we fight back. Treatment addresses issues like movement, communication, swallowing and cognitive clarity, helping residents and patients relearn the skills and functions they lost.

Our approach

Improving strength, dexterity and spirit.

  • Custom treatment plans

    Custom treatment plans

    Since every person is different, every treatment plan is different. We design each individual plan based on the resident’s or patient’s goals, medical condition, family support and progress.

  • Ambulation


    Simple walking works wonders in helping residents and patients regain control of both sides of their bodies.

  • Botox


    Careful injections decrease muscle spasticity and help residents and patients move again.

  • Alternate communication systems

    Alternate communication systems

    From simple pointers to iPad apps, we help residents and patients communicate more clearly with less frustration, at every stage in recovery.

  • Heading home

    Heading home

    Before they leave, we help patients and caregivers learn how to avoid return trips to the hospital–and especially, how to avoid falls. We also offer physical, occupational, speech and other therapies on an outpatient basis, and can refer you to home health care and driving rehabilitation programs.

  • Follow-up


    Continuity is key. We call every patient 72 hours after discharge, and again a week later.


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