Parkinson’s & Neurological Care

Love, hope and good therapy. That’s how we’ve helped many people with Parkinson’s disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Lewy body dementia, Myasthenia gravis, epilepsy and other neurological diseases live the best lives possible. Meticulously timed medication is key. We also spend plenty of time supporting family members.

Our approach

Experts for every challenge.

  • Lee Silverman speech therapy [LSVT]

    Lee Silverman speech therapy [LSVT]

    Our speech pathologists use the effective LSVT LOUD method to improve speech volume.

  • Swallowing therapy

    Swallowing therapy

    Swallowing therapy is critical to everyone’s progress. We’ve successfully treated dysphagia with exercises, electrical stimulation and new swallowing techniques.

  • Custom exercise plans

    Custom exercise plans

    Depending on the location, residents and patients might use water exercise, motorized cycling and other rehabilitation technologies to improve their strength and gait.

  • Psychosocial support

    Psychosocial support

    Living with someone with a neurological disorder is more challenging than most of us realize. So, we care for families, too.

  • Home follow-up

    Home follow-up

    Continuity is key. We call every patient 72 hours after discharge, and again a week later.


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