Hospice & Palliative Care

We believe that people at every phase of life deserve dignity and compassion. For anyone who needs illness management, we offer supportive, palliative care. That includes pain management, good food and everything else we can do to minimize the side effects of treatment and boost health. When someone is in the final phase of life, our hospice care program lets them take control of their treatment, minimize their pain, spend loving time with family and make the most of every day they have.

Our approach

Every day matters.

  • A gentle touch

    A gentle touch

    We focus on dignity and quality of life, supporting residents, patients and their families.

  • Spiritual and emotional support

    Spiritual and emotional support

    Talk heals. We help residents, patients and families share their feelings and cope with end of life.

  • Pain management & symptom control

    Pain management & symptom control

    We use every technique available to control pain and symptoms. That includes everything from soothing touch to carefully-prescribed opioids.


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They made it very comfortable

During the last week of her life, they made it very comfortable for my Mom - playing her favorite music, attending to her heel wound and doing everything to make my mom comfortable in her journey to her new home. I will be eternally grateful knowing that they truly cared for my Mom - she wasn't just another patient - she wasn't just another paycheck - but a human being that deserved to be treated with compassion and dignity. This is a "home" that you can be comfortable with your family member.