Post Acute Care

Rehabilitation that closes the gap
between hospital & home.

Our post acute care rehabilitation programs are designed to transition patients from the hospital back to their regular lives safely, quickly and with confidence. And when it comes to care plans, one size never fits all. We respect every person’s individuality, and tailor care to their needs.

How we provide exceptional
post acute care.

Set A Treatment Plan

Every journey begins with conversation between our team, the patient, the patient’s family and the referring physician to ensure continuity of care. This creates short term rehabilitation goals to be met before discharge, and sets expectations for everybody.

Work Together

All our rehabilitation programs rely on evidence-based clinical protocols for the best possible outcomes. We also collaborate–a lot–with the family members who come here to support the people they love. In our centers and communities that have accommodations, we happily invite family to stay the night.

Plan For Home

Getting people home safely and as quickly as possible is the goal of our journey. On discharge, we give our patients and their families all the tools they need for a safe transition back to their daily lives. That includes healing and disease management advice, proper nutritional guidance and relaxation techniques. Our team also follows up afterwards to make sure patients feel secure back at home.

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Extremely pleasant and satisfying

My stay at Atrium was extremely pleasant and satisfying. I left with regained strength in my left operated hip and the ability to walk without pain. I left Atrium with a feeling of love and appreciation for a facility that works extremely hard to provide the highest care for their patients.