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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Caring for your loved ones this winter

With the holidays upon us, family time is at a premium. Any time you can spend with your loved ones is time well spent—especially when your traditions are as much a place as they are a routine. No matter where the season takes your family, we support our residents and patients in getting out and getting together with the people who mean most to them.

As caregivers, it’s our job to make sure seniors stay happy and healthy. That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of reminders to help you reduce stress and keep your loved ones in better health for the holidays.

  1. Take a few breaks – Remember, you may want to do all the same things you did as a family growing up, but it may take your loved ones a little longer to do them. And that’s fine! Build in some rest time between shopping trips, family visits and cooking. It’s about quality time, not quantity of time.
  2. Watch out for ice – It sounds simple, but icy roads and walkways become increasingly dangerous for seniors as the temperatures drop. Make sure your loved ones have a railing or arm to guide them at all times, and replace any worn-down cane tips or walking aids to ensure a steadier grip.
  3. Keep tabs on their mood – While the holidays are always a cause for joy and celebration, major breaks from routine may cause unintended strain on your loved ones. Make sure you monitor their mental health, and contact their doctor or Atrium center or community if you notice anything abnormal.
  4. Adjust and accommodate – You know your family better than anyone. See what you can do to make their life a little easier by using what you already understand. If your loved ones deal with low vision, make sure your lightbulbs are fresh and keep the house illuminated. If stairs are an issue, see if you can fix a makeshift bedroom on the first floor.
  5. Assess your expectations – As time moves on, so should our expectations. You may not be able to take all the same trips or visit all the same people the way you used to. While you can still look forward to the travel and excitement of the season, always be aware of what the implications could be for your loved ones.


From all of us at Atrium Health & Senior Living, we’d like to wish you happy holidays. Stay safe, and check back for more news and tips in the new year!

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